Mission & Philosophy

At XATS, we take a Trend Following approach to the markets. With our proprietary trading system, we aim to cut through the noise and insecurity of market participants, and provide clear and concise analysis, alongside simple, actionable trade ideas.

Clients can use our research to complement their own analysis, thus helping them gain a more rounded perspective, and giving them more confidence in their trading decisions.

Alternatively, they can use our trading recommendations to trade their own money.

One of the golden rules of trading is – always have a stop.

At XATS, we are very conscious of risk, and every recommendation comes with a dynamic stop loss which we strongly advise our clients to monitor.

A very important point of interest is that not all trades will be profitable. We accept that some losses will be inevitable. At XATS, however, we aim to minimise these drawdowns and strive for absolute gains in all our recommendations.


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