Arjan Nijen Twilhaar

arjanDutch born Arjan Nijen Twilhaar holds a Bachelor Degree in Mass Communications and Public Relations. After graduation, Arjan started his career at the Golden Tulip Hotels, where he was one of the youngest members of the start-up management team of a newly acquired hotel. At 25 he successfully restructured a sales and marketing department for another 5 star hotel within the group and helped refocus sales and marketing with strategic marketing initiatives.

Arjan has worked in Singapore since 1999. Before moving to Singapore, he was based in Boston USA and Hong Kong working for a NASDAQ listed company, overseeing the brand expansion, product launches and marketing campaigns.

In 2001 he joined XUNG Asia, a creative agency with a strong focus on strategic marketing and branding. The company later rebranded itself as BMS Connection, where he handled many MNCs, government bodies as well as start-up companies in his portfolio. He was also the chief editor of a lifestyle magazine and contributed to the growth of Millionaire Asia Publications.

As a founding director of the Spa & Wellness Association Singapore, Arjan was in charge of the marketing and public relations portfolio. He played a vital role in initiating opportunities to help local businesses expand in the region and the Middle East. He also conducts media and sales training for staff of international brands.

As XATSUK’s Communications Director, Arjan focuses on strategic communications strategies, brand development and expansion and public relations/marketing management.

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